About Us


Local Family-Owned Business

At Birrenkott Construction & Maintenance, we pride ourselves in treating every installation as if we were providing it for our family or neighbors, and since we are a local, family-owned business, we consider you our neighbor.

General Contractors in Madison, Wisconsin

Founded in 1984, Birrenkott Construction & Maintenance provides general contracting, remodeling and maintenance services. We are experienced in a wide range of commercial projects such as office, retail, and restaurant in the Midwest regional markets.

Birrenkott Construction & Maintenance


Our expert landscaping team has over 27 years of hands-on experience. We have extensive experience in hardscapes, manufactured and material construction. Additionally, our team has been involved in multiple projects with grading and dealing with water management. We also offer our customers services including in pruning, maintaining landscape beds around your property.


Our tenured maintenance crew has over 32 years of experince with property maintenance. We work all projects ranging from small to large commercial jobs. Regardless of your needs, we will be able to analyze the problem and work efficiently to provide proper repairs for any job. 

Birrenkott Construction & Maintenance

Birrenkott Construction & Maintenance

Trusted Customer Service

Over the years, Birrenkott Construction & Maintenance has forged long-term, trusting relationships with a diverse group of repeat clients who have come to rely on the company.

Early Involvement

By including Birrenkott Construction & Maintenance at the beginning of a project, clients benefit from the company's expertise on-site, due diligence, municipal codes, schedule building material, and systems evaluation.

Early involvement also allows Birrenkott Construction & Maintenance to propose cost-saving alternatives that facilitate operational efficiency and future expansion.

Team Management

Every construction and maintenance project is a well-orchestrated collaboration between diverse specialists. Through on-going communication, Birrenkott Construction & Maintenance carefully coordinates every step of the process with the client, engineers, subcontractors, material suppliers, and other team members.

Cost Control

Birrenkott Construction & Maintenance maintains budget control through our collective purchasing power, intimate knowledge of the supplier and subcontractor marketplace.